Edisoft and ProcessWeaver

ONE Solution to Pick, Pack and Ship Globally.

Introducing ONE Solution for Warehouse Automation and Shipping Execution Powered by Edisoft and ProcessWeaver.

ONE Solution to Unlock the Power of Your Global Supply Chain.

Understanding how to unlock the power of your Supply Chain is critical to successfully supporting your company’s global reach. Go global with confidence; take the right steps to drive Supply Chain performance today with Edisoft and ProcessWeaver:


  • Solve Global Supply Chain Challenges
  • Strengthen Global Supply Chain Operations
  • Manage Multiple Locations Across Your Enterprise


ONE Solution. One Click for Global Access.

With ERP Order Integration and ERP Shipping Integration in ONE solution without customization your company has the advantage of managing Global Supply Chain Operations with one click. In one seamless platform Edisoft and ProcessWeaver deliver turnkey ERP Integrated Warehouse Automation and Shipping Execution. Edisoft's Merchant QuikPAK solution combined with Process Weaver's ECS engine automates the warehouse and shipping operations of manufacturers and distributors globally. By eliminating the re-keying of ERP order data throughout the pick, pack and shipment stages, your company is assured of improved order accuracy, order integrity and cost savings across a single warehouse or multiple warehouses. And by leveraging one platform to manage multiple locations across your enterprise you will drive Supply Chain performance.

The correct alignment of both warehouse automation and shipping execution with your ERP provides the following key benefits:


  • Seamless ERP order integration automation
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Multi-modal shipping execution implemented in multiple countries and global carrier compliance.
  • Combined data from multiple sources for analysis, strategic planning, reporting and freight analytics (including your ERP, warehouse and carrier systems)


ONE Solution that is Flexible, Configurable, Modular and Scalable.

With Edisoft’s Merchant QuikPAK, your company has the flexibility to select a wide range of options to pick and pack shipments based on your company's existing workflow including the ability to add on bar code scanning hardware devices for multiple geographical locations. Process Weaver's ECS module offers flexible options to support Small Parcel, LTL and Freight shopping worldwide.


The modular options for both products are configurable based on the ERP order rules with drop down menus that require no software customization and are scalable to support any number of warehouses.


ONE Solution. Two Innovative Companies. 

Edisoft and ProcessWeaver deliver turn-key technology in ONE Solution. Turn-key technology is the most efficient and cost effective way to ensure that the productivity of your Supply Chain is safeguarded now and well into the future from upgrades that cost both time and money. Eliminating disparate systems within your Supply Chain by implementing end-to-end ERP Integrated Solutions drives down IT Costs, improves Supply Chain efficiencies and ultimately enables you to grow your business globally.


Go global with confidence; take the right steps to drive Supply Chain performance today with ONE Solution for Warehouse Automation and Shipping Execution powered by Edisoft and ProcessWeaver.


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As your customer’s package moves through the supply chain, it collects all kinds of information including events, statuses and exceptions. This tracking data is used extensively by both you and your customer and ultimately determines whether you have good or poor supply chain visibility.

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