Enabling Successful Partnerships Part 2: Partners Help Clients win with Edisoft Solutions!

Hello everyone,

On my last blog I discussed the challenges of integrating 3rd party vendor offerings with Sage Accpac ERP and how Edisoft has been offering End to End integrated EDI and integrated Warehouse Optimization solutions for the last few years.  I began informing my readers of what our successful partners have been up to recently.  The list of successes is quite long so I will be forced to feature about one or two success stories per blog for now!

A recognized and dedicated channel partner, CA Plus teamed up with Edisoft’s integrated EDI and Remote Warehouse Module solution to the delight of their customer Article Inc as it now incorporates the picking, packing and shipping information for the goods ordered by their Trading Partners to their outsourced Third Party Logistics provider (3PL) automatically. This has eliminated manual processes to coordinate between the 3PL and Article Inc.

“CA Plus has been our Sage business partner since the beginning and they recommended both the Sage ERP Accpac and Edisoft solutions to us,” says Michelle Belanger, logistics and compliance manager for Article, Inc. “We turn to CA Plus for sound advice, great recommendations, and excellent support. The third-party logistics model works particularly well for us and Edisoft is well suited to this distribution model.” Article, Inc. sends a Warehouse Shipping Order (EDI 940), to its third-party warehouse to initiate fulfillment. “They process the order, pack it, print labels, and ship the order. A crucial component is the customer labels; they vary a great deal by individual customer. Using Edisoft we are able to provide the warehouse with the current specifications for each customer label, so we know it is always correct” adds Michelle.  The success story was recently added to our website for your reading pleasure. http://www.edisoft.com/case-studies-edisoft-edi-system.php

Stay tuned for more success stories from Edisoft Partners on my next blog!


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