Custom Packing Slips

Should your organization ever find itself selling products to an internet-based retailer such as,,, and numerous others, you will find that you will be expected to follow one or both of two distinct business models.

In one model – which goes by many names, including “warehouse fulfillment” and “hardlines” – you will ship your products in bulk to the retailer’s own warehouses, and they will in turn pack and ship the goods as needed to the end consumer. In this model, from your standpoint supplying the internet-based retailer is no different than supplying a brick-and-mortar retailer.

In the other model – commonly called “direct fulfillment”, “direct-to-customer”, or “D2C” – you will ship your products directly to the customers who order them from the retailer’s website, bypassing the retailer altogether. While this frees the retailer from the expense of maintaining and processing inventory, it does add burdens to you. While the actual physical process of order fulfillment will be significantly different, there are also differences in the EDI procedures – additional documents that must be sent or received, and additional information on orders that you might not otherwise see.

In particular, one goal of direct-to-customer fulfillment models is that the orders should appear to have been fulfilled by the retailer rather than the manufacturer/distributor of the goods. A prime component of this appearance is that the packing slip included with the goods should be formatted in a consistent manner regardless of who actually shipped the goods, and should clearly identify the brand of the retailer and not that of anyone else.

What’s more, the retailer will often require that a number of pieces of information that are conveyed on the original purchase order be printed on the packing slip. Information like when the order was made, what order number was assigned at that time, who purchased the goods, where they were shipped, how they may be returned, where the goods were shipped from, and buyer-supplied gift messages are all commonly required pieces of information that will vary from one order to the next. In some cases, even the logo that appears on the packing slip will change from one order to the next.

Fortunately, Edisoft’s Visual ASN product has the ability to handle all of the above requirements, and more. If you have a requirement for such a packing slip, please contact your Edisoft representative for more details.

Even if you do not sell your products via an online retailer, a custom packing slip might be a solution for you – we can provide you with a packing slip with your own logo on it.

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