A Partner’s Experience: Merchant and Visual ASN Integration for Sage 300 ERP!

Over the past two months I have blogged about Edisoft’s Integrated End to End EDI and Warehouse Optimization Solutions and how Accpac Dealers have become successful in promoting our solutions! I would like to share with you insights from a successful Edisoft partner about our integrated EDI solutions for Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) clients.

D&A Business Management Solutions has been in business since 1993 and has seen its share of fads and trends in the industry. As a Sage 300 ERP Partner, D&A has demonstrated a successful track record of growing its Sage business and is one of the largest resellers in Canada based on revenue. D&A supports over 200 companies from a wide range of industries and has helped these companies improve their financial and ERP systems. As an Edisoft partner, D&A sees significant benefits with deploying Edisoft’s Visual ASN software for Sage 300 ERP customers to both EDI and Non EDI clients. “D&A clients are increasingly recognizing the existence of inefficiencies in aspects of their Order Management and Order Fulfillment processes including warehouse operations and are looking for solutions here too!” says Will Booth, Consultant at D&A Business Management Solutions.

Visual ASN’s easy to use, “drag and drop” interface automates the picking and packing of goods and can be connected “out of the box” with carrier management solutions such as Starship* and Linxship* (*both applications support integration to UPS One, Fedex). As a result of integration with Visual ASN, shipping costs and details are sent back to Sage 300 ERP where Merchant is able to automatically invoice the customer. “There are low cost hardware and wireless device options available that allow for the flexibility to walk through a warehouse and fulfill orders much faster and more accurately than writing order details down on paper and then having to key the same information into a back office system after the order has already left the dock!” says Will Booth.

A key advantage of Edisoft’s solution is the ability to invoice immediately which means payment for goods can be collected quicker, while the client receives the right product at the right time resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction. Also, if the order was from a Webstore, the system can automatically notify the end customer by email that the shipment is on the way and include the tracking number-all without any manual intervention! The key win is that “customers with Edisoft solutions can spend more time generating revenue and getting on with building their business relationships versus minding their technology” adds Will.


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