CFO’s are Solving Supply Chain Challenges with Automation

Today’s savvy CFOs are solving Supply Chain Challenges with Automation that generates greater gains in Staff Productivity and Reporting Visibility. As Manufacturers and Distributors around the globe face higher demands from the retailers they supply for lower costs and precise on-time delivery of goods, CFOs are leading the charge to increase the profitability of their businesses with Integrated Supply Chain Software Solutions. These solutions serve to improve their overall margins by 1) reducing time spent on manual order/shipment data entry, 2) streamlining and automating the order fulfillment process in the warehouse to increase staff productivity, 3) reducing rework and 4) improving the timeliness of shipments. CFOs are also leveraging the order/shipment data collected to create the right reports to identify optimal growth strategies.

Here is how three CFO’s in three different industries are driving the same dynamic results with Automation, Staff Productivity and Reporting Visibility with Key Solutions™ powered by the Edisoft Merchant™ Suite of Integrated EDI and Integrated Warehouse Solutions.


Company I: J-B Weld, Manufacturer & International Distributor of Adhesives for Metal, Wood and Plastics to consumers and professionals in both the automotive and hardware markets.

J-B Weld is the US based manufacturer of the legendary “cold weld” two-part epoxy known as J-B Weld. Since 1969 J-B Weld has broadened their product line to meet the changing needs of customers, including expanded adhesives for metal, wood, plastic, and general purpose use.

Supply Chain Challenge: Automation: For Compliance, Staff Productivity and Reporting Visibility

Supply Chain Solutions: Edisoft Merchant™ Integrated EDI / Merchant QuikPAK™ Warehouse Automation

J-B Weld produces all of its products in America and today reaches over 50 thousand retail outlets. The J-B Weld warehouse Order Fulfillment team has less than 24 hours from when they get an order to when they ship it. They don’t have a backlog; when an order is received in the morning it has to be shipped that day. With Edisoft’s Merchant QuikPAK™ Warehouse Automation Solution, J-B Weld immediately enhanced their Supply Chain Performance in multiple ways. Originally there were 75 steps from when the Order came in to when it shipped, now they are down to less than 30 steps for each order fulfilled; Merchant QuikPAK™ is essential in streamlining their order fulfillment process in saving them 3-4 minutes on every order shipped. Edisoft’s Integrated Supply Chain Solutions, once implemented, also serve to reduce their compliance issues by 60%, which resulted in a substantial savings. Additionally, with the now seamless integration between their ERP and supply chain software, J-B Weld is able to report margins on an order-by-order basis.

 The CFO Says…

“With Edisoft, ADSS Global, and the Sage Intelligence Products, we are able to report net margins on an order-by-order basis. Now that we have a consistent cost per order, we have enhanced our accountability and fulfillment quality to our large retailers such as Walmart, AutoZone, The Home Depot, Menards, O’Reilly’s, Lowes and Ace Hardware. In today’s competitive environment, customers and end-users are asking: ‘What are you doing to innovate from a product and IT perspective’ and I’ve got to say ‘This is how we’re improving our products and fulfillment through automation to enhance our end user experience.’ Another added benefit of automation is a more robust one-day close; we’ve replaced our exception reporting, with fact-based fulfilment reporting (Box Date & Time Stamping), along with a cost per order.” – Don Burke, CFO, J-B Weld Company


Company II: McCall Farms, Leading Supplier of Canned Food

Being a leading supplier in the Food industry for canned foods, McCall Farms distributes and sells products under multiple name brands including Margaret Holmes.

Supply Chain Challenge: Staff Productivity

Supply Chain Solution: Edisoft Merchant™ Integrated EDI

Automation: For Staff Productivity

With the volume of trading partners, suppliers and the quantity of POs sent and received by McCall farms, it was critical to employ Automation to eliminate the re-keying of order data. McCall Farms did not need to hire more staff to process EDI orders by leveraging the Order Integration capabilities of the Edisoft Merchant™ Solution.

The CFO Says…

“The Edisoft® Integrated EDI Solution automated our order process by eliminating the re-keying of both our retail and supply side purchase orders, invoices and ASN 856 documents resulting in significant savings in time and money,” said McCall Farms, CFO, Mark Fornari. “We have two people managing orders for all our 40+ trading partners through one software solution. Edisoft’s Key Solutions for MAS 500 improved our staff productivity by enabling us to organize our order entry team more efficiently in managing the day to day volume of orders, as well as, invoicing and the creation of ASN 856s. Moreover, in streamlining the resources necessary for order management and fulfillment, we have been able to focus our efforts and resources on hiring people to drive more sales as opposed to just processing orders.

Over the last year McCall Farms has grown through acquisition. As we add new companies to the McCall Farms family, we have been able to effectively remain competitive by continuing to leverage our cost savings, time savings and the intelligent data/reports gained from our investment in the Edisoft Merchant™ Solution.” – Mark Fornari, CFO McCall, Farms


Company III: Protect-A-Bed®, Worldwide Distributor of Protective Bedding Products

 As a worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation with distribution in 45 countries, Protect-A-Bed® has been providing consumers with a complete line of protective bedding products for more than 33 years.

Supply Chain Challenge: Automation For ERP Integration and Compliance

Supply Chain Solutions: Edisoft Merchant™ Integrated EDI / Edisoft® ERP ASN Integration Adapter for Accellos

To keep pace with global demand, Protect-A-Bed® employed the Edisoft Merchant™ Integrated EDI Solution to achieve seamless order integration to their Sage 300 ERP. In addition to the immediate benefits of EDI compliancy and Order Accuracy, Protect-A-Bed, also applied Edisoft’s expertise in Order Integration by choosing to implement the Edisoft® adapter for Accellos to achieve full ERP integration with their Accellos Warehouse Solution.

The CFO Says…

“Both the end to end Integrated EDI and Accellos adaptor have improved our warehouse fill rates and improved our on-time delivery of shipments to our retailers. Edisoft’s Key Solutions are beneficial in 3 specific ways for Protect-A-Bed: first, it provides EDI compliancy so we can avoid costly chargebacks which have been a big concern for me; second, with automation we have seen great improvements in staff productivity; third, it is essential to work with a partner that cares about our business and is committed to delivering a value proposition that helps me establish a competitive advantage and improve our Vendor Score Card.” – Anneke Chamy, CFO, Protect-A-Bed

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