CEO’s & CFO’s Roadmap to Success for Warehouse Operations

What is J-B Weld’s Strategic Plan?

Kelvin Takhar, GM of Edisoft, spoke with the CFO of J-B Weld Company, Don Burke, to get the inside track on the top key elements for CEOs & CFOs to consider when evaluating warehouse solutions for the purpose of achieving peak performance:

Don Burke shared the following insights from his offices in Atlanta, Georgia:

“To achieve the optimal end-to-end solution for J-B Weld and our customers, it is essential that we continually perform fact-based intuitive analysis from our customer orders, through our ERP financial system, to our warehouse floor, onto our customers’ shipping dock from two perspectives:

  1. How effective is our business model and processes to drive our brand…and
  2. What impact does our operations and technical solutions have on our customer experience?”

“In addition, we need to be able to analyze our daily operational data related to internal control and reporting to effectively select the right technology solution that results in operational excellence.”

“Our technology platform, along with Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) monitoring, must allow us to anticipate and react to marketplace trends when selling to the top 50 global corporations.

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