5 Rules for Successful Retail Suppliers

5 Rules for Successful Retail Suppliers:
Choosing the Right Technology to Drive Supply Chain Performance

Times are changing with technology and technology is changing the times. Every successful organization knows that to remain competitive it is important to adapt at its core, the necessary technology that supports the changes that impact the life blood of the company – customers and sales. The greatest impact technology has had over the last decade for Retail Suppliers is on Consumer Behavior as it relates to online purchasing patterns. So, what are successful Retail Suppliers doing to rise to the challenge to become champions of change? Here are the 5 rules guiding their positive progress:

  1. Choose Configurable “Out Of The Box” Technology Solutions
  2. Select Modular Technology Solutions
  3. Adopt Flexible Technology Solutions
  4. Implement Scalable Technology Solutions
  5. Invest in Compliant Technology Solutions


Being an early adaptor to changes in your business landscape has its benefits; here are just a few:

1) Configurable Software-benefit from:

  • Faster, less complex software implementation and upgrades
  • No additional coding required prior to deployment or for upgrades
  • Cost and time savings

2) Modular Software-benefit from:

  • Choosing the combination of technology solutions that your organization needs to succeed now
  • The freedom to add technology modularly as your organization grows including adding an EDI system, Warehouse Automation Systems or a Transport Management System
  • The cost and time savings of not needing to replace your entire solution as you experience expected and accelerated growth

3) Flexible Software-benefit from:

  • Software that supports a wide range of retail order types
  • Solutions that support your warehouse processes for picking, packing and printing labels
  • Technology that supports multiple. shipment types including direct to consumer

4) Scalable Software-benefit from:

  • Technology that grows with your company over the lifecycle of your ERP
  • Lower cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the ERP

5) Compliant Software-benefit from:

  • Compliance with your EDI partners’ requirements
  • Cost savings by eliminating charge backs
  • Increased staff productivity with software that is in compliance with your business practices

As technology continues to improve, more opportunities will continue to emerge and with just 5 simple rules as a guide, retail suppliers are successfully poised to forge ahead on a clear path through the exciting frontier of the new global market.

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