Is Your Supply Chain Ready for 2015 and Beyond?

Your Supply Chain serves as a crucial connection to your customers. Understanding how to drive improved performance throughout your entire Supply Chain is critical to growing your profits year over year and outperforming your competition. Knowing what areas to improve, how to measure the proposed improvements and drive Supply Chain Value for maximum results in 2015 and beyond is a key consideration for all manufacturers and distributors this year. To help your company drive greater Supply Chain Value, it is necessary to take the following actions:

Identify all the Supply Chain Challenges you are currently experiencing

  • Trace these challenges to the specific root causes
  • Identify the key solution for each issue that achieves the right results for your company

Identify Your Supply Chain Challenges

How many Supply Chain Challenges do you need solved now? Go through the following Supply Chain Challenge Check List to determine your gaps and pain points: (Check all that apply)

___ Automation Gaps: Re-keying of ERP Order Data and Shipment Data (i.e. tracking number and freight amounts)

___ Automation Gaps: Manual Printing of Labels/Packing Slips

___ Compliance Issues: Invalid Barcodes, Incomplete ASN (Advance Ship Notices)

___ Preventing Late, Early & Incorrect Shipments

___ Improving Communication between the Front Office and Back Office (Warehouse)

___ Creating Added Visibility into the Status of Orders/Shipments in the Warehouse

___ Creating Reports to Evaluate Supply Chain Costs (i.e. customer freight costs or net margin per order)

___ Incorrect Labels, Packing Slips, VICS BOL, and other required reports.

___ Incorrect Freight Amounts Posted/Quoted

___ Costly Software Upgrades

___ Costly Software Customizations

___ Other. Please specify _____________________________________________


Whether you have checked one or all of the above, direct action must be taken to maximize your Supply Chain’s performance both short term and long term. Here are 3 ways to take action to get your Supply Chain in gear for the New Year:

1. Review your current Supply Chain technology to determine whether the software you have in place is adequately supporting and in alignment with your Supply Chain’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

2. Request a Supply Chain Evaluation with a Key Solutions™ Provider Supply Chain Specialist (Edisoft® offers a complimentary in-depth Supply Chain Performance Consultation for manufacturers and distributors; email to request yours.)

3. Discuss your Supply Chain technology options with your Reseller


Every day you rely solely on your Supply Chain to deliver value to your customers. For a most promising start to the New Year, be sure there are no weak links by taking the necessary steps to ensure your Supply Chain is ready and able to take you successfully through another productive and prosperous year.

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