Don’t let the name fool you, we do more than EDI!

In 1995, when Edisoft was founded, while EDI was not new it was still not a “requirement” in many business circles such as it is today. EDI technology that was available to the SMB market at that time was very cumbersome, unreliable, and to put it simply, inadequate. Our goal back then was to provide a better EDI product that was directly integrated into clients ERP products to reduce a lot of the work that they were doing, increase their accuracy, and help them work smarter overall. Since that time EDI has matured, become a requirement in most business circles, and as part of this process has extended to many parts of our clients businesses other than simple orders and invoices.

The benefit of EDI extending too many parts of clients businesses is that we’ve had to find better and smarter ways to do things. We’ve accomplished some of this through the development of new products, some through the establishment of strategic relationships. While EDI has always been our core focus, many of these enhancements that we’ve made have been able to benefit our customers with their non-EDI needs, or have extended to new customers that do not have any EDI needs at all. Here are a couple of examples that I’m particularly proud of.  Continue reading

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