Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the New Year?

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the New Year? Take Action to Get Your Supply Chain in Gear

Your Supply Chain serves as a crucial connection to your customers. Understanding how to drive improved performance throughout your entire Supply Chain is critical to growing your profits year over year and outperforming your competition. Knowing what areas to improve, how to measure the proposed improvements and drive Supply Chain Value for maximum results in the coming year and beyond is a key consideration for all manufacturers and distributors this year. To help your company drive greater Supply Chain Value, it is necessary to take the following actions:

Identify all the Supply Chain Challenges you are currently experiencing

  • Trace these challenges to the specific root causes
  • Identify the key solution for each issue that achieves the right results for your company

Identify Your Supply Chain Challenges

How many Supply Chain Challenges do you need solved now? Go through the following Supply Chain Challenge Check List to determine your gaps and pain points: (Check all that apply)

___ Automation Gaps: Re-keying of ERP Order Data and Shipment Data (i.e. tracking number and freight amounts)

___ Automation Gaps: Manual Printing of Labels/Packing Slips

___ Compliance Issues: Invalid Barcodes, Incomplete ASN (Advance Ship Notices)

___ Preventing Late, Early & Incorrect Shipments

___ Improving Communication between the Front Office and Back Office (Warehouse)

___ Creating Added Visibility into the Status of Orders/Shipments in the Warehouse

___ Creating Reports to Evaluate Supply Chain Costs (i.e. customer freight costs or net margin per order)

___ Incorrect Labels, Packing Slips, VICS BOL, and other required reports.

___ Incorrect Freight Amounts Posted/Quoted

___ Costly Software Upgrades

___ Costly Software Customizations

___ Other. Please specify _____________________________________________


Whether you have checked one or all of the above, direct action must be taken to maximize your Supply Chain’s performance both short term and long term. Here are 3 ways to take action to get your Supply Chain in gear for the New Year:

1. Review your current Supply Chain technology to determine whether the software you have in place is adequately supporting and in alignment with your Supply Chain’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

2. Request a Supply Chain Evaluation with a Key Solutions™ Provider Supply Chain Specialist (Edisoft® offers a complimentary in-depth Supply Chain Performance Consultation for manufacturers and distributors; email to request yours.)

3. Discuss your Supply Chain technology options with your Reseller


Every day you rely solely on your Supply Chain to deliver value to your customers. For a most promising start to the New Year, be sure there are no weak links by taking the necessary steps to ensure your Supply Chain is ready and able to take you successfully through another productive and prosperous year.

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5 Rules for Successful Retail Suppliers

5 Rules for Successful Retail Suppliers:
Choosing the Right Technology to Drive Supply Chain Performance

Times are changing with technology and technology is changing the times. Every successful organization knows that to remain competitive it is important to adapt at its core, the necessary technology that supports the changes that impact the life blood of the company – customers and sales. The greatest impact technology has had over the last decade for Retail Suppliers is on Consumer Behavior as it relates to online purchasing patterns. So, what are successful Retail Suppliers doing to rise to the challenge to become champions of change? Here are the 5 rules guiding their positive progress:

  1. Choose Configurable “Out Of The Box” Technology Solutions
  2. Select Modular Technology Solutions
  3. Adopt Flexible Technology Solutions
  4. Implement Scalable Technology Solutions
  5. Invest in Compliant Technology Solutions


Being an early adaptor to changes in your business landscape has its benefits; here are just a few:

1) Configurable Software-benefit from:

  • Faster, less complex software implementation and upgrades
  • No additional coding required prior to deployment or for upgrades
  • Cost and time savings

2) Modular Software-benefit from:

  • Choosing the combination of technology solutions that your organization needs to succeed now
  • The freedom to add technology modularly as your organization grows including adding an EDI system, Warehouse Automation Systems or a Transport Management System
  • The cost and time savings of not needing to replace your entire solution as you experience expected and accelerated growth

3) Flexible Software-benefit from:

  • Software that supports a wide range of retail order types
  • Solutions that support your warehouse processes for picking, packing and printing labels
  • Technology that supports multiple. shipment types including direct to consumer

4) Scalable Software-benefit from:

  • Technology that grows with your company over the lifecycle of your ERP
  • Lower cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the ERP

5) Compliant Software-benefit from:

  • Compliance with your EDI partners’ requirements
  • Cost savings by eliminating charge backs
  • Increased staff productivity with software that is in compliance with your business practices

As technology continues to improve, more opportunities will continue to emerge and with just 5 simple rules as a guide, retail suppliers are successfully poised to forge ahead on a clear path through the exciting frontier of the new global market.

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The Global Market is Ready for You. Are You Ready for the Global Market?

The Global Market is Ready for You. Are You Ready for the Global Market?
Manage Global Supply Chain Operations with Warehouse Automation and Shipping Execution

You have a world class product that you supply locally and domestically and the rest of the world is waiting for it. With the right tools and support, your Supply Chain has the power to connect you to customers around the world. To get your goods to the global market, consider the following:

1. What Supply Chain challenges must you address to secure your place in an ever expanding global market?

2. What technology do you need to solve these challenges?

3. What solutions do you need in place to manage your global operations and drive both your Supply Chain and Omni Channel performance?

These are big questions, yet there are straightforward answers available. It is just a matter of taking clear and methodic steps to evaluate and address all your challenges and gaps in order to successfully take your products to the world. Here are 3 key steps to get you moving forward:

1. Identify Supply Chain Challenges and Automation Gaps in your Order Management and Order Fulfillment cycle.

2. Implement turnkey end-to-end ERP Integrated Solutions that do not require customization to eliminate/phase out disparate systems within your Supply Chain.

3. Unify your Warehouse Operations and Shipping Execution to ensure both are fully aligned to support your Omni Channel with fully automated, ERP Integrated picking and packing and shipping B2B, B2C and to your 3PL.


Identifying and Closing Automation Gaps

There are a myriad of benefits to systematically evaluating your Supply Chain and the technology necessary to support it. By identifying and closing automation gaps in your Order Management and Order Fulfillment cycle you are able to:

1. reduce costs and risks in rekeying order entry data

2. increase staff efficiency and productivity

3. improve financial visibility for reporting

4. support trading partner compliance (EDI)

5. improve your vendor scorecard

6. enhance trading partner relationships

End-to-end ERP Integrated Solutions

The ability to consistently and cost effectively deliver is at the heart of meeting the global demand for your products. Turnkey technology is the most efficient and cost effective way to ensure the productivity of your Supply Chain is not adversely affected now and well into the future by upgrades that cost both time and money. Without cumbersome customization, upgrading the technology supporting your Supply Chain will not compromise or break essentials links to other components integral to the automation you already have in place. Eliminating disparate systems within your Supply Chain by implementing end-to-end ERP Integrated Solutions that do not require customization also gives you the flexibility of adding modular functionality as your company grows to meet increasing global demand.

Unified Warehouse Operations and Shipping Execution

With ERP Order Integration and ERP Shipping Integration in one Solution you have the advantage of managing your Global Supply Chain Operations with one click. By leveraging one platform to manage multiple locations across your enterprise you will drive omni-channel performance. The correct alignment of both warehouse automation and shipping provides the benefit of improved staff productivity, freight analytics for reporting, multi-modal shipping execution implemented in multiple countries and global carrier compliance.

Unlock the Power of Your Global Supply Chain

Understanding how to unlock the power of your Supply Chain is critical to successfully supporting your global reach. Go global with confidence; take the right steps to drive Supply Chain performance today.

To unlock the power of your Supply Chain and for more insights to drive Supply Chain Performance now, go to:


Read more about Supply Chain Solutions:

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