Support Policies & Procedures


1. Ticket Priority Criteria


1- Urgent

•  Live environments

•  Business continuation issues - System Down, Communications Failed, ASNs not going out

•  Immediate assignment to Tech Analyst & call back


•  Cannot send an ASN and have a truck at the door.

•  Cannot receive 850 Orders

•  Cannot transmit 810 Invoice

•  Cannot communicate with our VAN

•  Cannot print label and need to ship


2 - High

•  Live & Test environments

•  Not a business continuation issue

•  Critical bugs

•  Same day assignment & call back


•   Need to set up a trading partner in 2 to 6 weeks

•  Getting an error “XYZ 123” when trying to lookup invoices

•  Need to re-open ticket 157XX from 2 weeks ago – the problem has occurred in the past

•  A current production carton label needs an immediate change


3 - Medium

•  Live & Test environments

•  Not a business continuation issue

•  Non-critical bugs

•  24-hour assignment & call back


•  New label or template needed (2-6 weeks out)

•  Trading partner changed specs for 810's and need a template in 6+ weeks

•  Need to hit F5 twice before it refreshes


4 – Low

•  New features suggestions / enhancements

•   Questions

•  Comments


•  Change the sort order of a list on a screen.


Tickets can be assigned a lower priority, or closed, if three (3) or more voice messages or emails were sent to customer with no response.



2. Billable Services


Time spent on tickets by an Edisoft tech, including phone call and emails, is deemed billable where the nature of the problem is not associated with Edisoft platform and not covered by Edisoft's existing software assurance maintenance agreement.

The time spent is cumulative over the course of the billing period and excludes anything that has been pre-paid in advance (prepaid).

The breakdown is as follows:

•  0-14 min 59 sec = rounded to 0 hour

•   15 min - 59 min 59 sec = rounded to 1 hour

• 1 hour or more = rounded up to nearest quarter hour (based on 5 min past the hour)



3. Recommended Operating Procedures for EDI Department


This list is to serve as a standard operating procedure for your EDI department:


•  Maintain a list of all your trading partners, contact name, phone numbers, email address and web address. We recommend contacting trading partners twice a year to verify.

•  Maintain a list of your VAN's being used including the contacts. List which trading partner is associated for each VAN.

•  Establish transaction transmission guidelines and expectations with your Trading Partner - how soon does the 856 need to arrive at the company? how soon will the company send a 997 for your outbound transmissions? how soon does the company expect a 997 for the transmissions they are sending? Document these guidelines and ensure they are readily available.

•  Download the latest specifications for each document and label for every trading partner (note the version for each document and label)

•  If requesting a new template, make sure the quote matches the version number of the provided specifications.

•  Establish a backup person at your organization and make sure they know where to find relevant information.

•  Make sure Edisoft has a list of relevant contacts from your organization

• Back up your system and data, regularly




4.0   Annual Software Assurance


Software Assurance

Subscription to Annual Software Assurance Policy (previously known as Annual Maintenance) entitles clients to receive, free of charge, updates to Edisoft software, Trading Partner Kits (Templates), Compliance Shipping Labels, Communication Scripts, and Trading Partner Reports for which they have purchased licenses.  To receive these benefits, client subscription to Annual Software Assurance Policy must be current1.

Subscription to Annual Software Assurance Policy is good protection for your EDI investment. Not only do trading partner EDI specifications change from time to time, but also the ANSI standards on which they are based are revised annually. Additionally, Edisoft’s commitment to the development and maintenance of superior and seamlessly integrated EDI solutions means that our products will continuously evolve. You will benefit from new features, enhanced functionality, increased power, and continued compatibility with your Accounting/ERP software.


What’s Included

The Edisoft Annual Software Assurance Policy Program covers updates to the following:

•             Edisoft software

•             Trading Partner Kits, Labels, and Reports provided by Edisoft

•             The ANSI X12 standards

•             Accounting / ERP software compatibility

•             Value Added Network (VAN) communication scripts



Annual Software Assurance Policy does not cover professional services involving - training, installation, configuration, software set-up, or database maintenance or repairs.  For more information on Edisoft professional services please contact our office.


Our Commitment to You

Edisoft makes certain commitments to our clients that keep their Annual Software Assurance Policy current.

We support the new versions of Accounting/ERP software, to which we integrate, within 90 days of its release, and the two previous versions.

Within 30 days of receipt of EDI specifications for a new Trading Partner3 and 14 days of receipt of EDI specifications for an existing Trading Partner4 Edisoft will release the necessary Trading Partner Kits, Labels, and Reports2.




Updates to Edisoft’s Annual Software Assurance Policy may be made at Edisoft’s sole discretion. Updates will be provided in writing at client’s request. Annual Software Assurance Policy is payable on all products purchased from Edisoft.

1 Should payment of Annual Software Assurance Policy fees lapse, product updates and customer support may, at Edisoft’s sole discretion, be withheld until all outstanding Annual Software Assurance Policy fees are either retroactively paid, or the latest products are re-purchased

2 Some exceptions may apply

3 New Trading Partner indicates a Trading Partner that is not currently in Edisoft’s Trading Partner Kit Library

4 Existing Trading Partner indicates a Trading Partner that is currently in Edisoft’s Trading Partner Kit Library.

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