Privacy Statement

As of January 1, 2004, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) will apply to all Canadian, non-public business. Under PIPEDA, your personal information must be handled in accordance with the following 10 principles:


  • Accountability - an officer(s) must be responsible for compliance with PIPEDA
  • Identifying the Purposes of Collection - before collection of personal information, the reasons for doing so must be identified prior. 
  • Obtaining Consent - consent to the use of personal information must generally be obtained before such use. 
  • Limits for Collection - collection of personal information is limited to that information that is reasonably required. 
  • Limits for Using, Disclosing and Keeping Personal Information - personal information may only be used for the purpose for which it was collected, kept only as long as necessary to satisfy the purpose, and must be destroyed when no longer required.
  • Accuracy - personal information should be kept up-to-date and accurate.
  • Safeguarding - personal information must be protected against loss or theft, and safeguarded from unauthorized access.
  • Openness- consumers must be informed of a company's privacy policies and practices, which must be understandable and easily available.
  • Access - individuals must be given the opportunity to correct or amend their personal information and to know how and with whom their personal information was used.
  • Complaints - companies must develop complaint procedures for responding to privacy inquiries and inform consumers of their ability to file grievances with the federal Privacy Commissioner or other agencies.


You have a right to know how EDISOFT collects, uses and discloses your personal information. You can also expect that EDISOFT will keep your personal information accurate, confidential and secure. We are providing the following to inform of your rights under PIPEDA and to let you know that we will make every reasonable effort to assure that your personal information remains personal.


The Kinds of Information We Collect

Some of the information we may collect includes: your name, residence and mailing addresses, e-mail address, business phone numbers and general financial information.


How We Use Your Personal Information

You can trust that your personal information is collected and shared only as necessary to provide you with the very best support, service and product options you've come to expect from Edisoft. We will only collect and use information about you for the following purposes:


  • To understand your product and service needs
  • To ensure that our products and services meet your needs 
  • To provide for your ongoing service and warranty needs 
  • To fulfill our legal and regulatory responsibilities 


We will obtain your consent before using your personal information for any other purposes.


Where We Get Your Personal Information

We get most of our information directly from you. We may also get information about you from calls, letters, e-mail and other correspondence you have with us. But sometimes, more information is necessary.


If You Have Questions or are Concerned

We hope this "Privacy Policy" reassures you that Edisoft will not disclose personal information about you, or any current or former insured, except as permitted and/or required by law.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at: 416-299-0030.