Edisoft has applied its renowned development expertise to deliver an end to end integrated EDI/Carrier Management platform optimized for your ERP environment.  The Merchant QuikPAK Connector for V-Technologies’s StarShip was designed to eliminate costly and wasteful redundancies in a company’s warehouse environment.  Edisoft’s long standing commitment has been to find innovative solutions designed to help companies reduce their transaction costs and while also helping those companies achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.


The Merchant QuikPAK StarShip connector simply “plugs” into Edisoft’s existing versions of Merchant for QuikPAK solution architecture and interfaces with the API StarShip. It is easily configured to exchange important shipment related data such as Carrier Information, tracking numbers and freight costs.


The single integrated EDI/Carrier Management Solution was created to reduce costly administrative overhead and remove workflow redundancies. In addition, companies are now able to achieve EDI compliancy while at the same time eliminate having warehouse staff waste time by re-typing shipment detail into your EDI or ERP system. It’s all about saving time and money and keeping transaction costs down at Edisoft!


Your company can enjoy the combined advantages of end to end EDI compliancy and Carrier Management Optimization without costly customizations over the lifecycle of your ERP application. Edisoft and V-Technologies are working together to ensure your company experiences the best cost savings than any other combined solutions in the ERP market today.


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** Software modifications made by V-Technologies to their proprietary applications may result in additional professional services fees being applied over the lifecycle of the ERP application.