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A Better Way to Integrate EDI

Rapidly setup and maintain your integrated supply chain ecosystem, with true automation that requires zero manual intervention.

Forget about EDI Document Mapping to each of your business apps. Edisoft offers a better approach to EDI integration with reusability, scalability and automation that works for your business and your processes

Stop Document Mapping
to Your Apps!

Learn from our President about the impact of EDI Document Mapping to your business apps, and why it is costing your business more than you know.

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1 / Painfully Long Implementation Times & Upgrade Cycles

*Illustrate Comparison w/ Edisoft Fabric*

2 / Manual Intervention by Your Team on Multiple EDI Docs

*Illustrate Comparison w/ Edisoft Fabric*

3 / Team Siloed Based on Your EDI Customers Due to Different Workflow Requirements

*Illustrate Comparison w/ Edisoft Fabric*

4 / Trapped by Your Current Internal Systems

*Illustrate Comparison w/ Edisoft Fabric*

Don't Let Your Apps Control Your Ops

Take back control of
your business with
Edisoft's Operations Fabric

If you're experiencing any of these pain points, you have fallen victim to traditional EDI mapping:

Key Benefits
Integration the Edisoft Way

True Automation
Go beyond just re-keying automation. Our library of workflow scenarios means we have automation options ready for you, including by Order Type, Fulfillment Type, and more!

Reusable Integrations
An order is an order. An invoice is an invoice. Stop re-mapping EDI Documents to/from your   internal systems. Integrate your internal systems once and re-use these integrations for all of your EDI Trading Partners.

Process Scalability
If you have every typed a PO number onto a Shipment Notice document or re-keyed / edited any data even with an existing 'integration', then you are suffering from direct EDI Document Maps. Edisoft's data fabric scales your operations with zero-click automation for end-to-end processes.

Future-Proofed Architecture
There is no predicting the next major technology change that the market with adopt. Our integration architecture separates internal systems, EDI Documents, and business / automation logic from one another to mitigate the risk if any component changes.

Ready to Transform
Your Integrations?

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