Warehousing Solution


Quikpak WFS (Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment System) and Quikpak WAFS (Multi-Warehouse Automation and Fulfillment System) are packed with features designed to optimize warehouse processes for distributors and discrete manufacturers. Leverage web-based, wireless, mobile services with RF Barcode Scanning to maximize supply chain performance.

Receiving & Putaway
  • Validate and generate receipt against PO in ERP

  • Multiple sorting options (PO, Warehouse, Vendor, Date, Carrier, etc.)

  • Directed Putaway

  • Print item barcodes

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Inventory Transactions
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  • Stock Transfers

  • Stock Adjustments

  • Warehouse Inquiry

  • Cycle Counts

  • Assembly / Disassembly

  • RMA

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  • Schedule and assign Pick Batches with sorting options (Customer, Warehouse, Order Date, Order Priority, Ship To, etc.)

  • Assign Batch to User(s)

  • Zone Waving

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  • Directed Picking and Routing

  • Multiple Picking methodologies including:

    • Pick Slips

    • Discrete Picking

    • Cluster Picking using license plates

    • Zone Picking

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Built-in print engine for the following documents, compatible with laser and thermal printers:

  • Carton, Pallet Packing Labels (GS1, UCC-128 or other standards)

  • Drop Vendor Ship (DVS) Packing Slips for eCommerce

  • VICs BOL, Carrier Labels, Commercial Invoice

  • Custom Reports (KPIs, Shipment Manifest, Pro-Forma Docs, etc.)

  • Packing Options: Manual-, Auto- or Scan-Packing

  • Multi-level packing features (pack items into cartons and cartons onto pallets)

  • Consolidate & split shipments across multiple warehouses

  • Packing options by industry (e.g. Musical Runs for Apparel)

Quikpak Connectors

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Seamless API integration enabling real-time data exchange between your ERP modules and Quikpak

*Required for Quikpak WFS / WAFS

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Bin Management -

Orchid Bin Tracking Connector

Configurable  connector to enable multi-level bin management for inventory items within Sage 300, as part of purchase order receipts, inventory (adjustments, transfers, cycle counts), and shipments workflow

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Warehouse Management -

Generic Connector

Configurable warehouse management connector to exchange packing information for an Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) documents, required for EDI shipments

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Carrier Management -

ProcessWeaver XCarrier Connector

Configurable connector to manage multiple Small Parcel and LTL carriers, and to exchange carrier and tracking information with Quikpak for ERP shipments

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